Project Management Templates

The following templates are intended to assist you in the Initiation, Planning, Implementation and Closure phases of your project. They are not intended to be definitive examples of Project Management templates. Ideally you will modify or adapt the templates you need for your project in accordance with the project requirements.

Software platforms used: Either Microsoft Word 2000 or Excel 2000.

Initiation templates

Project Purpose and Justification
Prompts the project manager in his/her initial interview with the Project Sponsor to verify the initial project purpose, its justification with respect to the University's strategic plans and its priority in relation to other projects which might be competing for limited resources.

Broad Scope
A useful initiation and planning tool which assists you to define, in terms of broad deliverables, what is IN the project and what is NOT to be included within the bounds of the project deliverables. It also prompts stakeholders to identify and record assumptions and constraints which will generate risks to the project and issues still unresolved which must be tabled for resolution at future meetings.

Stakeholder-Needs Analysis
Assists the project manager to identify the key stakeholders and to identify their expectations and needs with respect to the project outcomes.

Roles and Responsibilities
This template provides a guide for the Project Manager to use to indent the major players on a project and to record the roles and responsibilities for each person.

Project Proposal
The Project Proposal is the end product of the Initiation phase and is to be signed off by the Project Sponsor and any key stakeholders. The Project Proposal clearly defines the objectives and scope of the project and provides sufficient definition to allow the organisation to commit resources to the project.

Planning templates

Gantt Chart
This tool is one of the most easily understood of the scheduling formats. It lists the tasks with a task bar next to each task showing its time duration. 

Microsoft Office Visio has a Gantt Chart template that is quick and easy to use.

Combined Resources and Budget Schedule
This spreadsheet is used to identify and cost project resources.

Project Risk Management Plan
This is a useful format to help you identify the risks associated with your project, to analyse the impact and to determine the subsequent actions to be taken. The risk management plan is the major input which informs risk management throughout the project.

Communications Management Plan
This template defines the key communication deliverables in terms of stakeholders' needs relating to communication throughout the project.

Project Plan
This project plan consolidates all the information about the project to date and forms the basis for monitoring and controlling once the project commences implementation. This document is to be signed off by the Project Sponsor and any key stakeholders. The level of detail required would be determined in consultation with the Project Sponsor.

Implementation templates

Variance (Change) Request
A proposed format to assist with recording and management of changes in scope, time, quality or budget. The change management procedure must be negotiated with the key stakeholders prior to the sign-off of the Project Plan.

Issues/Risk Log
In this template all issues are treated as risks. They should be recorded when they arise, assigned a number and responsibility, a recovery strategy or alternate path agreed, acted upon and recorded when closed.

Status Report
This is one example of a status report. The preferred format should be negotiated with the Project Sponsor.

Evaluation & Closure

Handover Summary Report
A simple template which summarises the project as delivered and any agreed changes to baseline scope, quality, costs and schedule.

Post Project Review
A template to guide you through the process of conducting a post-project review. This template can be used to document the key learnings in terms of what worked well and what could have been improved.

Project Completion Report
A Project Completion Report is normally distributed to all stakeholders as a means of encapsulating everything that has occurred during the project and describing anything that could be done better. This template is a useful format for a small to medium project.

Other templates

Initial Client Contact Record
This template is a preliminary document that can be used to assist in uncovering the issues and parameters of a proposed project.

Project Log/Timesheet
The purpose of this template is to keep track of the time spent during the lifecycle of a project. It can also be used to capture issues and decisions as they arise.

Project Assessment Summary
The purpose of this template is to summarise how a project is performing. It is essentially a snapshot of how well a project is being managed. You can use this template to assess your own performance, or for a third party to undertake the assessment.

Project User Requirements
Prompts the project manager to define the stakeholder needs in functional or measurable terms, to compare similar needs and to identify stakeholder needs that might be conflicting. Agreement must be reached amongst key stakeholders who have conflicting needs before the project can be planned.

ITD User Requirements
Template used by ITD to ensure that requirements are written in a clear, consistent manner with a clearly defined purpose.  The template also aims to ensure that some objective measure is available to allow the project team to be satisfied that  the product meets the requirements.

Evaluation of Options
This is a suggested process for the formal evaluation of options or alternatives which can be used for projects which incur high risks to the university.

Principled Negotiation Seven Element Preparation Tool
This tool provides a useful guide for you to use when preparing for a negotiation.  It ensures that you cover all seven elements of a principled negotiation:  INTERESTS: What do people really want?  OPTIONS: What are possible agreements? ALTERNATIVES: What will I do if we do not agree?  LEGITIMACY: What criteria will I use to persuade each of us that we are not being ripped off?  COMMUNICATION: Am I ready to listen and talk effectively? RELATIONSHIP: Am I ready to deal with the relationship? COMMITMENT: What commitment should I seek or make?

Activity Durations
A list of all the activities or tasks from the Work Breakdown Structure to be completed in order to deliver the project with estimated durations (time from start to finish of each activity) and sources of information for estimates.

Project Workplan
This template is suitable for small to medium projects and is useful for monitoring progress and providing status update information.

Goods and Services Procurement Schedule
A planning tool on Excel that can be used for goods and services procurement planning and cost estimates.

Human Resources Planning Schedule
A simple planning tool that can be used to identify the skills and time required by internal and external human resources.

Human Resources Procurement Schedule
A planning tool on Excel that can be used for human resources procurement planning and cost estimates. It can also be used to define responsibilities for specific activities from the Work Breakdown Structure.

Quality Planning Matrix
Prompts the project manager to plan with the key stakeholders the quality standard criteria for the major deliverables of the project, the method of testing and measurement, the responsibility for achievement of standard required and the planned recovery procedure if the quality of the finished deliverable does not meet the required standard. This template may also be used during project Implementation phase.

Project Readiness Assessment Tool
This template was developed by Michael Rothery (UTS) for milestone reporting.  It is particularly useful  for reporting on major projects to multiple stakeholders.

Handover Plan
The Handover Plan provides a high-level description of the product or services to be handed over to the client and end-users.