Step by Step Guide to Project Management

The following pages have been constructed to enhance your understanding of types of projects and then to step you through the process of initiating, planning, implementing and closing small to medium size projects. Although the steps are presented in a linear manner, when you become used to the thinking processes you will find that you apply these processes in an iterative way, drawing upon the tools and processes according to the needs of the project and the people associated with it.

The UTS Step by Step Guide to Project Management  is also available in a printable format. This document forms the basis for the PM@UTS Learning Program Foundation Skills series of workshops.

Are you dealing with a project?

A project can be any item of work that:

  • can be assigned start and finish dates
  • has defined responsibilities
  • results in a change to the way work is done (or where it is done)

A project is not an ongoing or regular process or activity, but it could result in a change in processes.

A project can be anything from the introduction of a new work practice, such as the introduction of safety regulations or introduction of a new records management system to the construction of a new building.